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World-class heart care is right here in your community. Our team of respected Randolph County cardiologists are honored to provide Asheboro and the surrounding area with top-ranked care as a part of Cone Health Medical Group HeartCare. Beginning July 1, visit our temporary location at MedCenter High Point while we build a state-of-the-art cardiac facility in Asheboro.

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Call 336-884-3720 to request an appointment or to transfer records.

Our Providers

Our board-certified cardiologists have a long history of providing high quality heart care in Randolph County.

Featured Health Services


From prevention to diagnosis to treatment, we are ready to serve all your heart health needs. Services we provide include:

  • Treatment for disorders that affect your heart, aorta or blood vessels.
  • Preventative treatments for factors that put your heart at risk such as blood pressure, smoking and cholesterol.
  • Clinics to help you with taking medications, understanding heart issues and making positive lifestyle changes for heart health.
  • Cardiac imaging to assess cardiovascular issues.
  • Electrophysiology services for diagnosis and treatment of heart rhythm issues.
  • Referral to interventional cardiology services to treat multiple heart conditions without surgery.
  • Vascular services to locate and treat vascular system issues such as vein and artery blockages.
  • Stress testing to assess heart performance and help diagnose multiple heart problems.
  • Women’s heart services specifically designed to help prevent and treat cardiovascular issues in women.

Patient Resources

View patient information to learn about insurance plans accepted, bill payment, financial assistance and medical records. 


Use MyChart to view medical test results, contact your provider, request prescription refills and do other tasks.

Appointment Guidelines

Arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment. Bring your insurance card and a list of your current medications. If you must cancel an appointment, do so at least 24 hours in advance.


Why are my doctors joining Cone Health?

Drs. Krasowski, Munley and Revankar are outstanding cardiologists. They have provided exceptional heart care in Randolph County for many years. Cone Health recognized these physicians would be a great addition to Cone Health’s nationally leading heart care team. We are excited to welcome them to Cone Health Medical Group HeartCare (a group of doctors and other care providers employed by Cone Health). They will anchor a new medical practice to ensure the Asheboro and broader Randolph County community continues to have access to exceptional heart care for many years.

Will they not be in Asheboro anymore?

They will definitely be in Asheboro in the long term. We are fully committed to ensuring Drs. Krasowski, Munley and Revankar practice out of a facility in Asheboro to serve your community in a convenient location. Creating this new space, however, will take about one year. During this time, they will practice temporarily out of our MedCenter High Point location.

How long are they at a temporary location?

They will return to Asheboro in summer, 2019. During this time, we will create a facility that can support exceptional heart care for your community for the long term. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this process. The main thing we want you to know is that Drs. Krasowski, Munley and Revankar, as well as Cone Health, are committed to serving the Asheboro and Randolph County communities with exceptional heart care.

Where will they be located for now?

Cone Health’s MedCenter High Point facility is located at 2630 Willard Dairy Road in High Point.

Do I have to drive to High Point for my care?

Besides public transportation, travel by car is likely your most convenient option. We regret not having a more local option for you immediately, and we thank you for your understanding about this temporary inconvenience as we create a state-of-the-art heart care medical practice in downtown Asheboro.

For how long will they be in High Point?

The process to create a new medical practice facility for Drs. Krasowski, Munley and Revankar will take about one year.

Where will the future office in Asheboro be located?

We are in the planning phase for this facility and do not yet have an address location to share at this time. We will be excited to announce this location as soon as we are able. .

How do I access and transfer my medical records?

Drs. Krasowski, Munley and Revankar will have access to your current record through Epic Care Everywhere so no further action is necessary on your part. If your records are not available through Epic, our staff will assist you in securing pertinent copies from the doctors or hospitals from whom you have received care.

What do I do if I need a prescription refill?

Please ask your pharmacy to fax your refill request to our office at 336-884-3769 where it will be promptly addressed.

Are you accepting new patients?

Yes. We are happy to work with you now to schedule an appointment. Is there an ideal day and time of day you prefer? For some patients a referral from your primary care provider may be needed. We will inform you if this is necessary. If you prefer to schedule your appointment later, we are happy to call you at a convenient time or to welcome your call in the days ahead.

Will my insurance still cover me?

Cone Health accepts almost all insurance carriers in North Carolina. We are happy to check if you can tell us your insurance provider.

Will my care still cost the same?

Cone Health Medical Group is proud to provide some of the nation’s highest quality heart care at costs lower than most providers in our region. That said, each insurance company covers treatments at different levels with different health care organizations. As a result, your care may cost slightly more or slightly less with us than with other health care organizations. Typically, you would be responsible for the copay portion of care not covered by your insurer.

Will my heart doctor still be able to communicate with my Asheboro primary care doctor when needed?

Yes, there will be no change in your heart doctor’s ability to communicate with your Asheboro primary care doctor as needed.

Who will care for me at the hospital if I need in-patient heart care?

Cone Health has worked with Randolph Hospital to ensure your access to expert heart care should you require in-patient care at Randolph Hospital. As has always been the case, you would most likely receive care at Moses Cone Hospital or another facility with advanced capabilities to receive specialty heart care. Cone Health is proud to partner with many of the nation’s finest cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons to provide exceptional heart care for our region.

For help with other questions or to schedule an appointment please call 336-884-3720.

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Cone Health Medical Group HeartCare at Asheboro

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