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Medication Management

To stay as healthy as possible when you live with several chronic conditions or a heart condition that requires multiple medications, you may need help to keep everything working well together.

Medication Management: How You Benefit

As part of the Medication Management program at Cone Health Medical Group HeartCare, you get individual attention from one of our Clinical Pharmacist Practitioners. These specialists hold extensive training in complex medication management, so you know you’re in good hands.

How the Program Works

You’re eligible to participate in the program and schedule an appointment if you take at least five different medications or if you live with three or more chronic health conditions.
You’ll bring a complete list of the medications you take to a meeting with one of our medication management pharmacists. After the pharmacist makes a comprehensive review of your medications, you’ll receive advice about:

  • How effective the medications are for your conditions
  • Whether you’re taking duplicate medications
  • Any additional therapies or options that may aid your well-being

Help to Afford Your Medications

Medications prescribed by your doctors and specialists can help you get or stay healthy only if you take them. Because medications can be expensive, several organizations offer information about programs designed to aid you in paying for the medications your doctors prescribe.
Ask your medication management pharmacist if you qualify to participate in medication services available through our partnership with OutcomesMTM®.
If you need assistance to afford your medications, other options may be available through these resources:

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